Sweeten your everyday!

Retail Runway: June 2018

While the salad category is evergreen, it never hurts to shake things up a bit. Bringing bold, unique, and fun new flavors to the produce aisle, Taylor Farms® is reinvigorating its extensive Chopped Salad Kits line by adding Avocado Ranch, Maple Bourbon Bacon, and Buffalo Ranch options. Showcased in the popular Taylor Farms packaging we all know and love, the newest additions are sure to catch shoppers’ taste buds with innovative flavors that help retailers differentiate their produce aisles. And, like the rest of the line, these new options are available in a one-stop-shop package, making it even easier for consumers to toss Taylor Farms’ Chopped Salads into their grocery carts.


With a name like ROCKIT™, you know this apple is out of this world. To keep consumers’ best eating interests at heart, Chelan Fresh is blasting its sweet, crunchy, and blush-colored star into a larger packaging size option. Available now in the new 3 lb Shuttle Pack, Chelan Fresh is ensuring shoppers get the most bang for their buck with this new packaging appropriately nicknamed The Millennial Moms’ Cookie Jar. Chelan Fresh is also encouraging retailers to take ROCKIT apples on an adventure outside of the produce aisle and into the fresh grab-and-go aisles as well. No matter where it sits, Chelan Fresh’s ROCKIT Apples Shuttle Pack is sure to fly off shelves.


My favorite kind of grab-and-go item is a fruit or vegetable that is its own container. With the tagline, “cut, scoop, enjoy!”, Zespri’s SunGold™ Kiwifruit is not only giving me the sweet tropical realness I start to crave when summer hits, but also the convenience of enjoying golden kiwifruit, which has less seeds than traditional varietals, anytime, anywhere. Available in 1 and 2 lb clamshells, the bright gold packaging is a beacon in the grocery store, drawing all shoppers to the produce aisle.


A passion for fresh produce has no age! Here to instill a love and taste for veggies in tiny produce consumers is Double Diamond Farms. With new additions to its kid product line, Double Diamond is competing with the brightly colored snacks in the center of grocery stores with adorable graphics and easy-to-remember alliteration, like the new Gecko Grapes grape tomatoes and Panda Peppers mini sweet peppers, joining the already popular Croco Cukes cocktail cucumbers offering. And with a Flav-O Meter and a Crisp-O Meter, Double Diamond is engaging shoppers’ taste and texture wants and needs and creating a product that is truly adorable and unique.


While some balk at cauliflower’s lack of flavor, color, or texture, those people aren’t thinking outside of the box. A fervent member of #TeamCauliflower is Gold Coast Packing, whose latest additions to its Caulifornia™ line are showing just what kind of creativity is needed to make cauliflower an all-over-the-plate standout. With unique packaging and a high-graphic pouch bag, Gold Coast Packing’s Caulifornia line of riced cauliflower includes the explosive and healthy flavors of Garlic Herb and Butter, Ginger Garlic, and Spanish Rice. Listing need-to-know-info like cook time, pre-washed, and ready-to-use, Gold Coast Packing is making convenience tastier and healthier than ever.