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My Favorite Things

Alecia Troy

Senior Marketing Manager, Sakata Seed America

Cultivating new strategies and marketing programs that resonate are only a small part of what makes Alecia such a memorable force in our industry. Beyond a fiery passion for horticulture and ag, what keeps this Senior Marketing Manager at the top of her game? Find out, as Alecia shares a few of her favorite things…

  • Garden Veggies
  • Outdoor Fire Pits
  • Country Living
  • Infinite Gold Cantaloupe Margaritas
  • Monterey, CA
  • John Steinbeck
  • Sunflowers
  • Dachshunds/ Wiener-Dogs
  • My Family

"It’s such a pleasure to cook and eat what we harvest."
"Always a great gathering place to commune with friends and family."
"Roosters crowing, misty mornings, wide-open spaces–it just can’t be beat!"
"I just love the combination of sweet and salty. YUM!"
"Even though it’s not that far away, I never get tired of the crashing waves, miles of trails, creative people, and all-around beauty."
"From The Grapes of Wrath to Cannery Row, he is my favorite writer, bar none."
"Simple and bright, fresh-cut sunflowers never fail to make me very happy."
"I’ve had four of these feisty pups in my lifetime. They grow on you, trust me!"
"Goes without saying–I love my husband and kids, Noah and Lilyann, to the moon and back."