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My Favorite Things

Bre Macomber, Marketing Specialist, Tom Lange Company

While she spends many of her days at Tom Lange Company positioning brands for growth and success, we wanted to know what grounds this marketing ace in her day-to-day life. From guilty pleasures and daily go-tos to must-attend events, here are a few of her favorite things.

  • Family
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Letherbee Gin
  • Agriculture
  • Bonfires
  • ’90s Grunge Music
  • Chicago Cubs
  • True Crime Podcasts & TV Shows
  • Travel Mugs

"They are everything to me."
"The atmosphere, the hats, and the most exciting two minutes in sports!"
"This changed my mind about gin cocktails from “ew” to “yum!”"
"It’s in my blood!"
"Sitting around a bonfire with good friends and good conversation during the fall season is a Midwestern way of life."
"My go-to genre."
"I’m a lifelong fan—I’ve been with them through all the struggles before we were champs!"
"Guilty pleasure."
"I drink H2O constantly, so I have a travel mug with me everywhere I go. You might call me a hoarder if you saw how many I have."