No ordinary apple.

My Favorite Things

Nichole Towell, Senior Director of Marketing, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

You know this industry marketing maven well, but you might not know that she loves her college ball and kitchen accoutrements. When she isn’t taking Duda Farms Fresh Foods’ marketing platform to new heights, Nichole is enriching her life as an intrepid traveler and much, much more. Find out what makes this industry member one of our dearest friends as we check out some of her favorite things...

  • College Football
  • The Art of Entertaining
  • Traveling
  • Music
  • Cookbooks
  • Sparkling Flavored Waters
  • Dogs
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Family

"This is a Gator household (University of Florida) but just for fun, I throw in Ole Miss and the Running Rebels. Don’t confuse college football season with professional."
"Planning family parties with the best themes and favors, china and crystal to paper plates—there is always a bridal, birthday, or baby shower to plan."
"Experiencing culture through history, food, music, and shopping is the best!"
"From show tunes, opera, and country to rap and my favorite, Dave Matthews Band, I love it all."
"I have about 250-plus. Most cherished are the small regional school or women’s club published cookbooks."
"Always on the hunt for the best new flavor combination and brands."
"I love my three fur babies: Samantha, 14, Molly, 13, and their big sister Hattie Lee."
"Crock-Pot, Sous-vide, Juicer, Instant Pot, Mixer, Food Processor, galore! I love to spot the new kitchen gadget to try it out."
"Love spending time with nieces, nephews, cousins, sisters, and large extended family."