Peruvian Onions

My Favorite Things

Joey Schneider, Senior Manager, Inside Sales and Customer Operations, IFCO

Joey Schneider knows her stuff when it comes to reusable packaging solutions. It’s her job to ensure customers’ supply chain solutions are as efficient as possible. But outside the trappings of the office, how does Joey unwind? Let’s look at a few of the items and activities she can’t get enough of...

  • A Snowy Day
  • Family Farm in Iowa
  • The Public Library
  • The Ohio State Marching Band
  • Malabar Farm
  • Road Trips
  • Our Golden Retrievers
  • Quilts
  • The Midwest

"…Chili simmering on the stove, popcorn in front of a fire."
"In those wide open spaces, everything worthwhile about me was born."
"Good books will take your mind anywhere and keep you company all your life."
"My friends say it’s like going to church!"
"...a perfect blending of my love of the land and Hollywood."
"You never know what’s around the next corner."
"Unconditional love, acceptance, and the purest expression of joy."
"Nothing feels better than my sister’s handmade quilts—literally wrapped in love."
"Four breathtaking seasons, each with its own gift, and the most delicious fruits and vegetables."