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My Favorite Things

Karina Reyes

Director of Communications & Broadcasting, AMHPAC

As a mother, world traveler, runner, and the glue that helps hold the AMHPAC communications network together, Karina wears multiple hats, all with the same goal in mind: live life to the fullest. Uniting Mexico’s protected horticulture industry is more than a task, it is her passion. So what makes this Director of Communications and Broadcasting tick? Find out here, as Karina shares a few of her favorite things.


  • My Daughter
  • Salsa Music
  • Agriculture
  • Running
  • My Job
  • Italy
  • My Tribe
  • The Beach
  • Early Weekend Mornings

"Paloma's smile changes my world in a second, even when she might be driving me crazy."
"It fills me with energy, even if I don't know the dance! Marc Anthony is one of my favorites."
"I work in this sector for a reason. My father is a grower, and maybe I will be one day, too."
"I never used to run, but now I do half marathons. Your own capacities can surprise you."
"I love learning new things, traveling, and having the freedom to write and create."
"I fell in love with this country on my honeymoon, especially Rome."
"The best people make up my family. Even when we are far away, I feel we're close."
"I am lucky to live close by to where I can swim and spend a day enjoying beautiful sunsets."
"Whether it's drinking coffee or doing my nails, I love enjoying the simple things with nowhere to go."