All your grape needs in one placeThe ultimate back-to-school treat!


A wholesome 5.5 oz snack pack, pairing the company’s premium fresh strawberries, blueberries, and grapes with protein-rich nuts and cheeses, the Naturipe Snacks line is available in six tastefully curated flavor combinations, appropriate for a student but sophisticated enough for an on-the-go pro. Varieties span a number of flavor profiles, including: Sweet & Zesty, Bold & Spicy, Rich & Savory, Smooth & Smoky, Sweet & Crunchy, and Classic & Sharp.


Branded with one of the industry’s most iconic anthropomorphized fruits, Mighties® kiwifruit are a treat for kids of all ages. Available in one-, two-, three-, and four-pound clamshells, these sweet, ready-to-eat nutrition-packed snacks are tailored to a wide range of consumers and demographics. What’s more, once outside the case these little guys come in their own container­­—as the fruit’s fuzzy rind allows consumers to take a couple to work, school, or on-the-go. All you need to do is cut in half, scoop, and eat.


With its whimsical, high-graphic pouch bag and brilliant-blue mascot—mouth agape to display fresh veggies—Pure Flavor’s Mini Munchies are sure to draw consumers’ eyes. And a combination of classic, juicy Juno Bites® grape tomatoes, sweet Aurora Bites™ mini peppers, and cool Poco Bites® cocktail cucumbers will keep kids and their parents coming back for more.


Avocados have leapt off the adults’ table and onto the kids’. With more and more consumers embracing this creamy fruit, AvoMonster’s playful green pouch bags are primed to drive sales among younger eaters and sell the next generation of fresh food lovers on this healthy fruit.


A great on-the-go option during the back-to-school season, Dandy® Celery Snackers provide a complete range of crisp, fresh-cut snacks in convenient single-serve packaging. The line includes 1.6 oz Ready-to-Snack Celery Sticks; colorfully-packaged Celery + Peanut Butter Packs, available in 2.3 oz and 4.15 oz bags; and Crunch Cups—complete with dips and spreads in flavors including Peanut Butter, Ranch, and Chunky Blue Cheese.