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Melissa's Picks: United Fresh 2017

Once again, the Windy City blew me away! Returning for my third United Fresh Conference, my trend-hungry palate was not disappointed. Here are some of the standouts 2017 had to offer.


Ready Pac Foods Fresh Prep’d™ Soup Kits

No longer does fresh soup mean that it has to come straight out of the ladle. Consumers looking to have Mama’s soup and eat it too can do so with this tasty launch, and the packaged bowl covered in vibrant colors is sure to stand out among the green of the produce aisle.


Crunch Pak Apple Rings

Who didn’t have fun with food you could wear as jewelry growing up? Apple slices may have to step aside on this one. I can see children having a lot of fun with these rings on their fingers, their wrists, and anywhere else the little tikes might like to hang them before getting their apple a day!


Sonatural Juices’ One Week Green Shots

Someone finally did it: Shots of produce! I can’t think of anything more convenient in the morning, and can easily imagine this riding the coattails of the current juicing trend grabbing consumers.


Pete’s Living Greens Living Strips

I’m not sure what shoppers will love more, the lasting freshness of the attached roots without risking dirt on kitchen counters or the decoration value this could serve as an edible, yet attractive, house plant! Suffice it to say, this product serves itself in freshness and finery.


Double Diamond’s Organic Baby Eggplant

In the sea of earthy colors that decorate the produce industry, aisles, and plates, eggplant has always been a beautiful stand out. Prior to my being in the industry, I thought this beautiful vegetable more often looked too lovely to be grown. This is a feeling I forgot about until coming across Double Diamond’s carefully packaged Baby Eggplants, with a fun scrawl-style text across the sheer cover that allows that beautiful purple to shine through to consumers. These royal purple babies certainly are princes and princesses of the category.