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A Closer Look at A Closer Look at Superfresh Kids Apple Bags

Everyone loves a good superhero. When that masked and caped crusader is a fresh, crisp, and dynamic piece of fruit, you know you’ve got the power of produce set up for success in the grocery aisle. Superfresh Growers® is combining its excellence in the apple category and an eye for innovative packaging with the launch of Superfresh Kids™ bags for little hands and big consumer baskets.

Promoting a family-friendly dollar ring at the register and fun graphics showcased on the packaging, retailers’ interest is already piqued as the new launch readies for market.

Apple cultivars range from Fuji and Honeycrisp to Gala and Granny Smith, highlighted by variety-specific games that engage and educate. The aesthetics create shelf-uniformity and drive home the messaging that the produce department is where flavor, health, and ingenuity meet.

The 2-lb pouch bags carry enough for a whole family to snack on but contain fruit small enough for little hands to grasp and share. Apples drive sales year-round for fresh produce, and opportunities for cross-merchandising with other kid-friendly grocery items can only press further growth. 

If apples could dress for success, this packaging would be the talk of the superheroes in town!