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A Closer Look at CMI Orchards Skylar Rae® 2-Box Shipper

Few items inspire such impulsive purchasing as cherries in the produce department and beyond. A short yet sweet experience you can’t get enough of, cherries are a seasonal item with all the makings of summer love.

For retailers, an opportunity for more color increases such value, making the Skylar Rae® variety an ideal double threat. 

The attractive swirl of colors on this cherry’s skin has helped build an attraction to the brand, while its guaranteed sweetness has made for a strong flavor following. Employing all these advantages, CMI Orchards is offering a new 2-box shipper that will help retailers quickly and efficiently maximize Skylar Rae cherry sales. 

Featuring the golden yellow and peachy-rose color palette of Skylar Raes themselves on a black background, these boxes optimize the beauty of a truly unique fruit option.

Serendipity brought this blushing beauty to market, and its lineage remains an intriguing mystery while its availability is a tantalizingly tight window. Peaking this month, these lovely fruits have a brief but boisterous time to be consumed, as they are available only through mid-July.

Any consumer who enjoys a sorbet swirl or rainbow sherbert will be drawn to Skylar Rae cherries. And, at 23 to 25 brix, no one will miss swapping one sweet option for this one after taking their first bite—followed, swiftly and inevitably, by their second, third, and fourth.

Doubt the gravity of this special variety? It is the only one of its kind with its own PLU, so you can see for yourself the return on such an investment.

Bursting with flavor, intrigue, and individuality, this is an item that assures a summer romance your shoppers can love while it’s here and look forward to when it’s gone.