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A Closer Look at Red Sun Farms SweetPeps

A fashionable young woman walks down the street, basket purse swinging from one arm, the bow in her hair fluttering lazily in the wind. People stop and stare as she passes by, demanding to know why her other accessory is a see-through pouch bag full of mini sweet peppers, and just how she’s making this produce-forward look work so well. She stops, turns to these inquisitive passers-by, and says, “Don’t you know? Just about everyone who’s anyone is sporting a Pep!”

I’ll be the first to declare that Red Sun Farms’ SweetPeps will be the fashionable accessory this summer, the thing that makes people tilt their heads in pride and proclaim themselves mini sweet pepper obsessed. Besides, don’t you know that Pantone’s Color of the Year is Living Coral? Encased in an 8 oz bag with a contrasting black label, these mini sweet peppers take Color of the Year to the next level. It’s no wonder they’ll look good wherever you take them! To the beach, to the lake, to the farmers market—wherever you plan on going, SweetPeps will keep you looking fresh and fabulous.

They’ll also carry you and your shoppers into colorful displays of wellness and whimsy. What can I say? Mini sweet peppers, but make it fashion.