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A Closer Look at Viva Avocados

If you hear someone shout Olé you know there is a party nearby. And West Pak Avocados does, too.

The company is showcasing its Viva Avocados for those retailers who want a pop of color across retail shelves and for the consumer that desires a fiesta in every bite. Avocados turn fun with friends into a festive occasion any time. The Viva Avocados team knows that these tasty little numbers are perfect for sharing, toasting, gathering, indulging, and celebrating life year-round.

Considered healthier than bananas, Viva Avocados serve up nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds that can enhance the nutrient quality of any diet. And, did someone say good fats? Virtually one of the only fresh fruits with healthy fats, avocados can play a two-for-one role to help people meet daily fruit and good fat recommendations. Dressed to impress in grab-and-go bags with the American Heart Association’s Health-Check mark, Viva Avocados are ready to catch the eyes of consumers in big, bold displays in the fresh produce department.

Perfect to top a favorite burger, add depth to soups and salads, or as a main course, avocados provide delicious reasons to celebrate. And let’s not forget about guacamole, everyone’s favorite dip! Viva Avocados!