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Up Close with Chelan Fresh Rockit Apple Shuttle Pack

Nursery rhymers, get ready! Chelan Fresh is looking to swap in a few verses for the traditional treats children are singing about with the launch of its new Shuttle Pack, fondly referred to as “the millennial mom’s cookie jar.”

The new vehicle is a more bulk option to deliver its popular Rockit™ Apple to consumers as demand for the fruit increases—because, honestly, once you have one it’s hard not to go in for two or three...

A Gala-Gala Splendor cross apple that is naturally bred to be small with a distinct crunch, the Rockit’s popularity has taken off in a fashion that fits its namesake enough for it to have somewhat outgrown the sleek on-the-go tube it is usually housed in—at least in terms of feeding the family.

Weighing in at 3 lbs of fruit and shaped like a jar parents can put out on the counter, the Shuttle Pack offers an option that can feed everyone at home more efficiently; its traditional tube packaging remains a key pick for snacking out of the house. And, for once, parents won’t have to scold their kids when they’re impishly sneaking in for a sweet treat.

So, who stole the apple from the apple jar?