Sweeten your everyday!

Up Close with Jasmine Vineyards GrapesToGo

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and with its peekable pouch—Jasmine Vineyards’ GrapesToGo™—offers a window to snacking heaven. With an eye-catching 125g pack, GrapesToGo is both cute and practical, due to its single-serve, resealable package. In my mind, GrapesToGo reflects an essential truth: that grapes are as snackable as any other treat.

Designed after the team at Jasmine Vineyards saw a booming demand for fresh fruit in the snacking space, GrapesToGo features grapes still grown on the vine, promising a longer shelf-life.

With simple and clean packaging, the snack packs draw your attention to what really matters—the grapes inside. Options include red, green, and black grapes—all of which are a perfect addition to any lunchbox. The size of the pack optimizes tucking them away into schoolyard lunches or ensuring that adults get that healthy punch of vitamin C.

As millennials continue to drive trends in the convenience retail space, GrapesToGo answers the call for both ready-made and healthy. For anyone looking to find a snack that takes away hunger pangs and cures a sweet tooth, you needn’t look any further: Jasmine Vineyards’ GrapesToGo is here.