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Up Close with Mann’s Fresh Veggie Rice

Looking for an alternative to traditional grains for your consumers? A way to help them cut carbs without sacrificing flavor? With the company’s new chef-inspired line of Fresh Veggie Rice products—each made with a different blend of healthy veggies—Mann Packing has everything a produce department needs to boost sales and satisfy customers.

Now, shoppers have another quick and convenient way to introduce fresh veggies to staple dishes and add low-carb, low-calorie, and high-flavor options to their meals.

Mann’s new value-added veggie line is more than mere rice. It’s a healthy addition to any stir-fry, paella, frittata, salad, or sushi. Consumers can skip the prep and get straight to the main course with Mann’s Cauliflower “Fried Rice” Blend, Broccoli & Sweet Potato “Rice” Blend, and Cauliflower “Rice.”

And while Mann’s new line offers eye-catching high-graphic packaging, it’s more than just a pretty face; steam-in-bag technology makes prepping Mann’s gluten free all-natural rice offerings a breeze.

Whether thinking outside the box with Broccoli & Sweet Potato “Rice” risotto or bowling guests over with a Cauliflower “Rice” burrito bowl, customers have a range of new ways to introduce fresh veggies to their favorite dishes—thanks to Mann Packing’s new Fresh Veggie Rice.