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Up Close with Mann's Nourish Bowls

Flavor, diversification, convenience, and nutrition—combine all three and you get Mann’s new, tasty, and unique Nourish Bowls. Rising to the top of the value-added game, Mann has debuted five flavors to the line, bringing Cauli-Rice Curry, Southwest Chipotle, Monterey Risotto, Sesame Sriracha, and Smokehouse Brussels to produce departments nationwide.  Simply combine all ingredients, cover and heat for three to four minutes, mix and nourish.  These on-trend flavor profiles result in a higher ring at the register, additional margin dollars, and expanded reach to superfood and veg kit consumers. Need some numbers to back up the goods? When Wiest & Co. conducted national online research, the team found that 51% of millennials definitely would buy Nourish Bowls, 71% expect to find Nourish Bowls in produce, and overall 68% of those polled had a high level of interest in the line.  Great stats for a great product—now, nourish away!