High Flavor, Organic, and Conventional

Up Close with NatureSweet® Glorys® Tomatoes

Grilling season is upon us! While your mind may not go directly to the tomato category when crafting a cross-merchandising spread for grilling, NatureSweet®’s Glorys® tomatoes are helping to change the game. With a thicker skin that can take the heat, and a juicy firm texture, this proprietary variety is bringing versatility and big, bright, homegrown flavors to the consumer’s barbecue.

Glorys are a great way to introduce tomatoes not only to the grill, but also to a host of cooked dishes: From pizzas, sauces, pastas, casseroles, kebabs, or a stir fry, to soups and chili—really any dish that calls for, or could be enhanced by, tomatoes. 

Housed in a 10.5 oz, resealable, rinse-ready package, Glorys also feature a traceback code on each package and case, and are picked at the peak of freshness for great taste and quality year-round.  

With the heightened demand for fresh and tasty year-round solutions across the tomato category, NatureSweet is helping to please the consumer basket and the palate.