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My Favorite Things

Sara Lozano, Marketing and Product Development, Sambrailo

Food lover, family woman, and adventure seeker, Sara Lozano knows how to live it up. Whether indulging in a buttery fresh croissant accompanied by a couple of espresso shots or taking a day trip to a national park to explore with her family, she is soaking in all of the beautiful things life has to offer and sharing that joy with the produce industry. So, grab a donut, throw on some baking shows, and get ready to uncover this blissful soul’s list of favorites—because that’s what Sara would do. You’ll see!

  • Croissants
  • Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes
  • Donut Sunday
  • Espresso
  • The Great British Baking Show
  • Farmers Market Strawberries
  • National Parks
  • Tacos
  • The Great Alone

"Plain, pain au chocolat, almond…I love them all!"
"We recently started growing these in our garden and eat them by the handful."
"Our family tradition. We grab coffee and walk to get donuts every Sunday."
"A little cup of heaven. Minimum of two shots a day to get started in the morning, especially with two little ones."
"I could have this show on repeat and never get tired of it—comforting and inspiring at the same time."
"I never get enough during the season! We buy baskets at a time."
"Our family enjoys road tripping to explore them, and we hope to visit them all someday."
"Especially on homemade tortillas with a bit of spicy salsa."
"A good book by Kristin Hannah that is one of my faves!"