No ordinary apple.

A Closer Look at EarthFresh® Fast. Fresh. Gourmet. Line

Hoping to spread some spud love this holiday season? Look no further than the recently released EarthFresh® Fast. Fresh. Gourmet. line of value-added potatoes. Available in three flavor profiles, these tubers provide convenience, flavor, and an eating experience all its own.

I immediately gravitate toward the Rosemary With Olive Oil offering, but the Fast. Fresh. Gourmet. line also includes Jamaican Style Jerk and Zesty Lemon Herb flavors, opening the doors to a wide range of consumers. Creamy yellow potatoes are accompanied by a ready-to-serve sauce, all packed in an oven/grill-ready tray that takes a few more steps out of dinner prep.

The sauces themselves are crafted with clean ingredients, are gluten- and dairy-free, contain no artificial preservatives, and no refined sugar. The mighty potato boasts plenty of health benefits to boot, as they are high in fiber and potassium, cholesterol-free, and low in fat and calories.

The oven/grill-ready tray is covered with light-blocking film that is designed to extend shelf-life and reduce food waste. The tray is then wrapped in a colorful sleeve that displays cooking instructions and nutritional information. Available to display at ambient temperatures, the eye-catching pack can be utilized in many locations across the grocery store.

With potato demand climbing in the lead-up to end-of-year holiday celebrations, decking your halls with convenient and flavorful options could be the answer to securing repeat purchases. So, why not spread the love?The Snack Endstop