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A Closer Look at Bako Sweet® Organic Sweet Potato Tray

Striking packaging is only half the battle when it comes to driving a consumer to purchase. Not only should it be eye-catching, it should house a product to match it in renown. Add to that a near-expectant need to be sustainable, and you are looking for a knock-out in the produce department.

For Country Sweet Produce (CSP) and its Bako Sweet® brand, this product is none other than its Organic Sweet Potato Tray. The simplicity of the packaging highlights one of its most attractive features. Of course, I mean the potatoes themselves, but I’m also thinking of the tray they sit on. 100 percent recyclable and compostable, the tray offers key factors that drive consumer purchase. Emblazoned with a simple green rectangle that draws the eye to the organic label, consumers will immediately know what’s really center stage: the sweet potatoes themselves, which CSP takes great pride in. Surprisingly consistent while delivering a sweet, earthy flavor both smooth and fibrous, they practically sell themselves.

The choice of green is also more indicative than you might think, as the pack is the most sustainable of the current Bako Sweet lineup.

Buyers will be happy to spotlight these trays because the Bako Sweet brand has made product ease-of-use part of its marketing. Nutritious superfoods have never been easier for consumers to get their hands on—especially if retailers put these sweet potatoes front and center in the department.

As we come up on the winter holidays, these trays also offer an ideal portion size to those hosting family feasts. We as an industry are slowly seeing a return to normal, so expect this year’s holiday meals to consist of larger produce purchases!

A one-two punch of simple yet effective packaging and quality flavor makes this product a must-have.The Snack Endstop