No ordinary apple.

A Closer Look at Superior Fresh’s Packaging Rebrand

Sometimes, all you need is a little “spring” to put that pep back in your step. Spring Mix, that is! With its latest brand refresh and packaging update, Superior Fresh’s line of organic mixes is sure to turn any produce aisle into a green meadow that consumers will frolic through.

Superior Fresh’s expansive line boasts a wide array of flavors such as Baby Arugula, Citrus Splash, Superior Crunch, Baby Romaine Blend, Power Blend, Midwest Medley, and Mighty Mix. One variety, however, that I will be dancing my way to is the Spring Mix. The fresh and light crunch, coupled with the vibrant pink label, will immediately lift spirits while satisfying organic needs.

As sustainability and mindful shopping continue to drive consumer demand, Superior Fresh’s brand refresh and packaging embody the company’s efforts to meet those needs. Each recycled clamshell is made up of repurposed water bottles, which saves millions of gallons of water and contributes to the restoration of 800 acres to the natural habitat on the company’s farm.

The new label puts all key aspects of the product front and center to make it easier for consumers to complete their mental checklist. Display the whole lineup to provide shoppers the light and fresh variety they’re looking for as we transition through the seasons.

Brighten up the holiday spread, and you will see shoppers spring through your doors.