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A Closer Look at Nature’s Greens® Recyclable Film Solution

What are consumers really after? It’s a question that will likely puzzle us for years to come, especially as shoppers’ needs evolve from year to year. But one thing we can count on in 2023 is the value of sustainable products.

Insert WP Rawl’s recyclable film solution for its bagged leafy greens. Marketed under the Nature’s Greens® brand, this line of convenient and easy-to-prepare greens is triple-washed and ready to cook and serve. The visual appeal of the packaging immediately draws in the eye, with a bold stripe of color paired with the cut-out silhouette of the variety within the bag. It’s a simple approach to design that works wonders on holding the shopper’s attention.

The packaging also features user-friendly tips on preparation, ensuring consumers aren’t at a loss for incorporating more greens into their diets. As someone who didn’t know how to properly cook collard greens, this is a much-appreciated addition—and one I know busy folks like me will love.

Outside of the striking graphics and helpful tips, the packaging is 100 percent recyclable. The back of each package clearly communicates how to recycle it via store drop-off with a simple process from How2Recycle®.

With sustainability becoming a core value for many shoppers, you’ll want to have this line at retail to draw them in.The Snack Endstop