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Retail Runway: April 2019

Sometimes, looks do mean everything...

Check out what packaging concepts and products we believe pop on the shelf and can help drive traffic through the produce department.

5 Packages That Did It Right 

J & J Farms Stop Light Bell Pepper PacksStop right there, bell pepper enthusiasts, and get ready to have your socks knocked off! Primary colors have to be some of the most pleasing colors to the eye, but don’t quote me on that. Not only does J&J Family of Farms have eye-catching stop light packaging for its bell pepper line, the bright colors and see-through bag are sure to be a hit with consumers. After all, it’s a feast for the eyes and the stomach, and what more could you really want?


Sunkist Delight Mandarins


Blue and orange will be the color palette at my wedding, I’m just that married to it (See what I did there?). And if I could, I’d be marrying Sunkist Delite™ Mandarins, because we’d make such a pretty pair. Although I can’t—and won’t—attest to my own level of beauty, I will hands-down sing the praises of these orange beauties. The giro bag shows off the goods while the branding shows off the fact that these mandarins are grown in California. Citrus aficionados, unite!


4Earth Farms Mini Cucumbers

If someone had told five-year-old Andrea Allen that she could one day purchase a pouch of miniature produce, she would have jumped for joy. Enter twenty-seven-year-old Andrea, who’s still just as delighted by 4Earth Farms’ Mini Cucumber bag. The recyclable zipper pouch bags are a no muss, no fuss approach to packaging. The bright green graphics highlight the goods inside, making the mini cukes the star of the show. Honestly, how could you walk past these little guys and not want to place them in your basket?


Hello Fresh Meal Kits

Meal kits in retail? Long gone are the days when we might think such a thing impossible. Now, consumers can waltz down the aisle and be enraptured by the brightly-packaged kits. The front is emblazoned with the company’s logo and showcases the various recipes available. The packaging is—pardon the expression—a recipe for success. Not only can you see all of the ingredients, but also what they’ll look like in their final form—before you devour it, that is. Will these new kits become a staple for retailers? Only time will tell.


Girogio Fresh Stuffed Mushrooms

Okay, I think I need to stop the presses and alert everyone to this magnificence. Stuffed mushrooms that I can heat in the oven? Right in the packaging? Am I dreaming?! I hope I never wake. Not only do consumers get a sneak peek at the flavors available to them—Artichoke, Spinach & Cheese, Fiesta Cheese, and Cheese & Imitation Bacon Bits—they offer the ultimate convenience in being able to use the tray that these bad boys come in.