Peruvian Onions

Retail Runway: February 2018

When I’m hungry, I’m hungry, and I just cannot wait. Fortunately, the Bako Sweet Steamer Bag has my best eating interests at heart: a short wait time for fresh, delicious food. Not to mention, the convenient and eco-friendly packaging is another two-for-one deal that has me celebrating. With easy-to-read directions and bright orange colors that make me impatient to eat the sweet potatoes inside, Bako Sweet’s Steamer Bag pops on the shelf and in my grocery cart—this product is definitely coming home with me. Buy, steam, serve—you don’t even have to dirty a bowl!

While I can be meticulous about picking out organic produce for a big, bright salad, I’m not as intentional about looking at the ingredients list on the back of dressing bottles. But, with Litehouse’s new Organic Lemon Herb Vinaigrette from its organic refrigerated salad dressing line, I can have my organic salad and eat it, too, with fresh, healthy, USDA organic certified dressing. Big on flavor, yet light on calories, the Organic Lemon Herb Vinaigrette is sure to pack the same zest as its outside packaging. With soft greens and lovely illustrations, the bottle is a work of art that demands to be admired. And the dressing inside the bottle doesn’t disappoint either.

While chocolates and sweets attempt grocery store takeovers around Valentine’s Day, Stemilt Growers Pink Lady® apples continue to reign in February as its promotional period heats up for the month of love and beyond. Hues of hot pink and red on the grab-and-go handle, along with its sweet-tart flavor profile, make Pink Lady 5 lb pouch bags the perfect gift for a special someone who happens to be produce obsessed. And, Pink Lady apples even come under the Lil Snappers brands, so kids can hand out the perfect Valentines, too.

Everyone’s cooking at home these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier. Here to give consumers a hand in the kitchen is Earthbound Farm’s Organic Riced Veggies, so that cooking at home is less hassle and more bliss. Offered in three different medley options, including Cauliflower, Cauliflower and Broccoli, and Cauliflower Medley, Earthbound Farm’s new line of riced veggies come recipe ready in colorful, re-sealable bags that double as veggie steamers. Earthbound Farm even features pasta, rice, and salad recipe ideas—perfect for main and side dishes alike—showcased in eye-catching graphics front-and-center that make it easier than ever to make smart choices in-store and at home.

The list of how many recipes I’ve started only to realize I’m missing an ingredient or two is endless. But with SUNSET’s new line of You Make Me™ pasta kits, my I-need-to-read-recipes-before-grocery-shopping problem is solved. Each kit contains all the ingredients you need to make delicious pasta at home, including fresh SUNSET® grape tomatoes, perfectly-portioned pasta, a spice packet, and infused oil. Not to mention, those eye-catching graphics send my anticipating taste buds into a frenzy. With four delicious flavors, including Classic Italian (You Make Me Fresh), Creamy Parmesan (You Make Me Blush), Spicy Arrabbiata (You Make Me Hot), and Cold Pasta Salad (You Make Me Chill), You Make Me pasta kits make me want to plan all my meals around the flavor of SUNSET.