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New York, Paris, San Francisco, Dubai—these are just a handful of the cities where a culinary trend is delighting both eaters’ mouths and eyes. Edible Flowers, while they have existed since the dawn of time, are continuing to be recognized for the value they can lend to the culinary arts, and providing chefs with a way to present a carnival mix of colors and flavors to their dishes.



As beautiful and unique to the eye as they are to the palate, edible flowers are one more way we can bring the flavors of nature to our food. Edible flowers are a trend that appeals not only to millennials who are always craving the next innovative thing, but also to older generations who covet food that’s real and authentic.


While some flowers are purely decorative, you can also use these items as a new way to imbue a floral punch into dishes you may have already had a million times before. From adding the tart flavor of a hibiscus to a cocktail, or highlighting fall flavors into a soup with squash blossoms, or infusing rose petals into a delicate frosting, the versatility of edible flowers are far beyond what chefs originally believed when this trend popped up in the 80’s. And although Endive Violet Flash™ isn’t exactly a flower, we thought its vibrant flavor profile and versatility deserved to grace this beautiful bunch as well.


Yes, top restaurants across the globe have already jumped on this fresh and flavorful bandwagon, but what about the rest of us? Companies like Fresh Origins and Melissa’s Produce are at the forefront of bringing these products to stores near you, taking those picturesque and flavorful dishes out of the magazines and into your kitchen. Before you know it, your own kitchen could be home to the orchid cocktails, rose-flavored desserts, and hibiscus teas of some of your favorite chefs.