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Libations for All Occasions: Mango One-Two Punch

As the weather begins to warm in the Northern Hemisphere, there are a few activities I gravitate toward to remain cool, calm, and collected (spoiler alert: two of them involve alcohol). First things first, by the time the temperature hits 80 degrees, I will have already dipped my toes into the cool waters of a local lake. Aside from taking a soak in the earth’s natural swimming pools, you can find me with one of my other two springtime comforts in hand: an ice-cold beer or a crisp, fruity cocktail.

But this is 2020, people—so why can’t I have both!? That’s why my official April libation is a beer cocktail! 

For this tropical treat, you’ll experience the smooth kiss of silver tequila as well as the bubbly bite of a Belgian ale. Each flavor profile is balanced by the creamy, bright textures of fresh mango nectar. If you’re like me, cold is the key ingredient to a simple pleasure in warm weather—thus, I’ve adorned this drink with oodles of frozen mango. 

The Mango One-Two Punch presents a perfect opportunity to mix up the perimeter of a grocery store. Top off your mountainous mango display with a bottle of tequila and a case of beer, or incorporate a basket of mangos in your liquor department. We can most certainly expect temperatures to keep rising, so this frosty treat will be a hit well into the summer months. Garnish with a strawberry and some greens like mint or rosemary and get sippin’!



2 large mangos

¼ cup simple syrup

4 oz silver tequila

2 12-oz bottles Belgian ale

Frozen mango

Mint, for garnish

Strawberry, for garnish

Time: 15 min

Servings: 4


1 To create the mango nectar: halve, dice, and peel mangos.

2 Place fresh, diced mango and simple syrup in a blender or food processor and blend into a smooth pulp.

3 Combine tequila, Belgian ale, and mango nectar. Evenly pour the cocktail mixture into four serving glasses full of frozen mango.

4 Garnish with mint and/or strawberry and serve.