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A Closer Look at Good Foods Plant-Based dips

If it’s shaped like a stick, it must be dipped! Or, at least, that’s the rule at my house. There’s almost certainly no better snack than your favorite piece of produce dunked into a concoction, and because it’s the holiday season, there’s no better appetizer to offer party guests, family members, and friends. Good Foods is making sure that no matter who consumers have invited to their holiday soirees—carnivores, vegetarians, healthy eaters, chronic snackers—everyone will have something delicious to dip into.

With a newly launched line of plant-based dips, Good Foods is bringing new creamy flavors—like Queso, Tzatziki, Avocado Pesto, Creamy Cilantro, and Buffalo Cauliflower—to holiday tables.

The plant-based line is made from real ingredients with no preservatives or added sugar as a means to accommodate a wide range of eating styles and preferences. Each dip is under 50 calories per serving and contains only three carbs, so no one has to feel guilty about indulging in this snacking experience.

Not only are the dips better for consumers, but each flavor is action-packed and sure to take consumers’ taste buds on a trip to Flavor Town—a holiday vacation everyone deserves, am I right?