All your grape needs in one placeThe ultimate back-to-school treat!

Retail Runway: Dec 2018

A new proprietary grape variety from Sunview Marketing International is giving the category a whirl. Sweet Carnival™ grapes are the latest and greatest variety to come out of the gates and take taste buds to bright lights and fair games reminiscent of childhood. With a “sweet-as-a-carnival treat” flavor, similar to that of pink spun sugar, Sweet Carnival grapes won’t make consumers think twice to reach for a bunch of these instead of the golden goodies found deep fried at typical carnivals. And this variety is well worth the lines that are sure to form just to feast eyes on these prizes.

This time of the year, you can’t escape the red, green, and white, but with Church Brothers Farms 2 lb Clamshell Baby Kale Blend, you won’t want to! Now in a larger size—because Church Brothers Farms knows we all need a little something extra during the holidays—this delicious mix of black, green, and red baby kale is the perfect package to drop into consumers’ shopping carts. The label also touts what’s important to consumers these days like “preservative-free,” “triple-washed,” and “ready-to-use”—the best carol to be sung any time of year.


There’s nothing sweeter on the eyes (or baked into any and all holiday fare) in the produce aisle these days than Peri & Sons’ recent rebrand of its Sweetie Sweet® Onions. Not only does the rebrand include new illustrations—washed in baby blues, pinks, greens, and browns—the new look also led Peri & Sons to expand its label to feature all the deets on sweet onions, like growing practices and its farms’ culture, philosophy, production, and locations. If you need a really good read with a really sweet ending, the newly rebranded Sweetie Sweet Onions are definitely the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season.


Winter days can be dark and cold, but Love Beets Golden Beet-o de Gallo, made with the very best golden beets, will not only brighten up the bluest of winter blues but will heat up grocery like never before. A new product in the company’s growing golden beet line, the Golden Beet-o de Gallo is the perfect product to mix into the culinary fold thanks to its kick of flavors that are sure to make any holiday gathering a true fiesta. Not to mention the mix of golden beets makes for a ‘no mess, no fuss’ kitchen situation, and we all know that’s the best holiday gift.


While the holidays are notorious for good grubbing, that doesn’t always mean it is healthy grubbing. With Okanagan Specialty Fruit’s fresh new take on dried apples, there’s no reason to reach for a sugary holiday sweet when Arctic ApBitz™ snack baggies are sitting right there. The line includes two apple flavors—“wholesome, sweet, and crunchable” Golden dried apples and “tart, crunchable, and delicious” Granny dried apples. Shaped like fries and made with 100 percent Arctic® apples, ApBitz snacks are available in brightly colored packaging that’s as fun as the snack inside.