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A Closer Look at Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Hot Pepper Medley

Abandon all wimps, ye who enter here. The produce aisle has gone catawampus, and there’s no turning back. Jacobs Farm Del Cabo is bringing the heat and shaming the devil with its new Organic Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley, despite what the newest pepper pack might suggest.

For those retailers who have been to a rodeo or two and are thinking their produce aisles are as full as a tick, I have one thing to say, and one thing only: This pepper pack is too pretty to pass up! The Organic Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley is a brilliant kaleidoscope of yellows, reds, oranges, and greens—the medium-to-hot pepper gang’s all here!—which shoppers can feast their eyes on in a see-through, organic, and Fair Trade-certified 8 oz retail bag.

Lauded as containing some of the hottest peppers known to man (habaneros, Brazilian starfish, serranos, and more), with legend and lore depicting even the foulest of beasts cowering to its flames, the Organic Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley is fixin’ to take only the bravest, and most deviant, of shoppers’ taste buds through all nine layers and back again.

The devil doesn’t wear Prada, but yellow, orange, red, and green, and is making the produce aisle its stomping grounds with one Jacobs Farm Del Cabo organic medley. Spice-heathens, you’ve been warned!