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A Closer Look at Pete's Living Greens’ New Living Strips Packaging

Consumers who love the freshly-harvested taste of living lettuce have a new alternative to bagged salad in the new Pete’s Living Greens’ Living Strips line. Available in the patent-pending, revolutionary Home Harvest Premium Pack—engineered for at-home harvesting—the packaging comes with a root compartment to keep messes contained and counters clean.

The innovative line currently comes in five flavors: Baby Romaine, Italian Mix, Upland Cress, Sweet Butter, and Spring Mix. The assortment boasts an 18-day shelf-life from when it is packed. Pete’s Living Greens’ Living Strips offer retailers a whole new category to offer consumers looking for the freshest way to eat their produce, paired with free customizable merchandising materials to boost the ring at the register. In addition to the innovative home-harvesting solution, conscious consumers will key into the sustainability of the hydroponic growing method, using up to 85 percent less water and 70 percent less land.

Available out of California, with East Coast distribution on the way, the individual pack dimensions are 9.74" x 7.5" x 3". As the tagline would suggest, this new line is truly “Rooted in freshness, alive with flavor.” Even consumers who lack a green thumb can savor from-the-garden-taste, which makes it as easy as: Cut. Rinse. Enjoy!