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Up Close with Chelan Fresh's Cascade Crest Organics

First impressions are all about style. Proving this theory are Chelan Fresh’s Cascade Crest Organics pouches, as the packaging beautifully showcases its beloved organic produce to promote the categories’ versatility and accentuate the fruits’ benefits.

The packages, which are transparent to provide consumers a good look at what they are taking home with them, are stamped with the company’s well-known Cascade Crest Organics logo. When it comes to brand recognition and drawing the consumer eye, Chelan Fresh is a master of balancing the beauty of the fruit itself and the artistry that comes with packaging design.

The pouch bags are not just for looks and convenience, though. For consumers asking questions like, “What kind of pie will I be making?” Chelan is responding to queries with engaging resources. For example, a link to the company’s website is located right on the bag, where consumers can find delicious usage ideas and all the recipe inspiration their hearts—and stomachs—desire. To address a larger audience, the packaging has French language on one side and English on the other. Consumers can also find ripening information to sweeten the deal.

Merchandising is a breeze with these approachable bags that sit easily in their fresh organic pear and apple destinations. Consumers can walk away easy-as-pie with the bags, thanks to the hand-held tool at the top.

Cascade Crest Organics pouches come in the main apple varieties, like Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala, and Honeycrisp; as well as pear varieties, which include Anjou and Bosc; and cherries. The Cascade Crest Organics ensemble is one more way that Chelan Fresh continues to strengthen its connection to consumers with ideas, family-friendly traditions, and visual appeal to help make life that much more enjoyable for the consumers to whom we cater.