Up Close with Mucci Farms’ Veggies-to-Go

For consumers stuck in work-week traffic with a growling stomach that sings out of tune with commute jams or children wanting a tasty bite at recess, Mucci Farms has just the thing! The greenhouse company’s Veggies-to-Go™ line comes in four options, so there is a healthy snack for everyone.

This award-winning line features Sundrops™ Sweet Grape Tomatoes with a sweet flavor for a healthy on-the-go treat, Sun Bliss Sweet Grape Tomatoes bringing a crisp texture and sunny flavor that is refreshing for the summertime, Sweet to the Point™ Mini Pointed Peppers as a sweet and small item for snacking by the handful, and CuteCucumbers™, providing a conveniently-sized cucumber that doesn’t need chopping and has a crunch that can’t be beat. Consumers can take their pick, but no matter what vegetable tickles their fancy, those snack-time prayers have been answered.

The coveted lineup comes in three different pack styles to make merchandising efforts fun and creative—a 9 oz container with three 3 oz compartments and up to three different categories, individual items in 3 oz, and a three-tier club pack with three 9 oz packs bundled together. An EZ snap Top Seal package ensures consumers don’t have to dive into the whole snack at once, catering to shoppers’ specific hunger needs and keeping products fresh, right down to the last bite.