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Up Close with Mucci Farms' Naked Leaf Living Lettuce and Herbs

Mucci Farms is bringing consumers from root-to-table in their own kitchens this year, with the company’s newly-debuted Naked Leaf Living Lettuce and Herbs. Seeking to invigorate mealtime and bring a new level of “fresh” to at-home chefs, Naked Leaf products are hydroponically grown and then harvested with the roots still intact and resting in a soil plug/small plastic cup. This means they’re still alive and growing when purchased. 

Crisp, refreshing, and alive, Mucci Farms seeks to maximize flavor opportunities and offer prolonged shelf-life. These Naked Leaf products are presented in high-graphic, high-visibility sleeves, with a patented design and display-ready solutions. Grown in Mucci Farms’ state-of-the-art greenhouses, Naked Leaf Living Lettuce & Herbs are great for salads, soups, sauces, and sandwiches. Mucci Farms is offering several varieties of lettuce this year, including green butter head lettuce, Salanova green and red, a TRIO mix as well as arugula, basil, watercress, and much, much more!