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Up Close with Village Farms' Lorabella Blossom

Tucked away along the sundrenched beaches and sparkling seas of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Village Farms discovered an exciting new orange tomato variety. One crisp bite of the refreshingly vibrant Lorabella Blossom™ tomato will surely intrigue. With an untraditional tomato flavor reminiscent of old world sensibilities, this tomato is like none other.

Lorabella Blossom is grown exclusively by Village Farms and part of its authentic San Marzano Family of products. It is a vibrant, bite-sized orange tomato bursting with fragrant floral notes, tangy citrus essence, and deep earthy undertones. Lorabella Blossom’s unique flavor has been described as evocative of tangerines, apricots, and almonds, while also sweet and smooth as honey. It is an exceptional snacking tomato that is also extremely versatile. A great cooking tomato, it’s wonderful when grilled on kabobs, roasted or sautéed into a chunky sauce, or chopped for a zesty salsa. While these orange-hued eats make quite the splash in cuisines, they are also packed with a special type of lycopene—a powerful antioxidant that helps to build strong bones and encourage a healthy heart. Lorabella Blossom tomatoes will boost consumers’ interest by bringing a sunny and bright addition to the sea of red tomatoes in the produce department.

Village Farms’ greenhouse-grown varieties are Good for the Earth®, using environmentally friendly growing methods that achieve consistent quality and year-round availability.