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Retail Runway: Sept 2019

Sometimes, looks do mean everything...
Check out what packaging concepts and products we believe pop on the shelf and can help drive traffic through the produce department.

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Packaging Concepts That Did It Right



1. CrunchTime Apple Growers SnapDragon® Pouch Bags

When I’m about to bite into an apple, I’m looking for three factors: crunchy, sweet, and juicy—I will accept no substitutions. So, imagine my surprise when I first glanced at a bag of Crunch Time Apple Growers’ SnapDragon® apples, which promises right on the label to be crunchy, sweet, and juicy—the holy trinity! Each bag has a clear window through which to size up the apples inside, along with a snazzy dragon logo. And call me crazy, but doesn’t the green base and blue top of the bag make you think of lush, green grass and a wide, blue sky above? Because, for me, the bag is reminiscent of an eternal summer.



2. Fivestar Gourmet Foods Deluxe Simply Fresh Salads®

Consumers wandering the produce aisle have a whole world of fresh salad choices in front of them. Convenience, obviously, is key, but just as important is variety and quality, and in that respect, not all salads are created equal. FiveStar Gourmet Foods’ new Deluxe Simply Fresh Salads® offer shoppers incredible flavor options with the freshest and most premium ingredients, from Italian inspired Caprese to more familiar fare like Chicken Cobb and Chopped Wedge, and everything in between. These elite single-serve salads are lovingly packaged in recycled containers using Ultra Fresh Sealed™ technology that allows for the longest shelf-life and provides consumers with a more luxe experience than their bagged counterparts. The Deluxe line displays generous portions of premium salad toppings artfully arranged on top of the greens, giving consumers a peek at the vibrant colors and exceptional taste that raises the bar on their salad experience.


3. Del Monte® Film-Sealed Fruit Cups

I love grab-and-go snacks because I’m truly terrible at planning my meals ahead. So when a company offers me a product that I can toss in my bag, I’m the first to stand in line, though I know I will soon be facing the guilt that comes with disposable plastic use. Del Monte Fresh Produce, long revered for its convenient, healthy, and delicious fruit cups, has innovated its own product, revealing new Del Monte® film-sealed fruit cups, which feature more sustainable, recyclable packaging. Sporting an easy peel-off top and a subtle design, the cups showcase the fruit inside, because how can one compete with the brilliant rainbow of colors that Mother Nature provides in her produce?



4. VEG-FRESH FARMS Organic Snacking Tomatoes

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes (though I do enjoy a good Caprese salad every now and then), but once I got a glimpse of Veg-Fresh Farms’ new organic snacking tomatoes, I was wowed by the vibrant colors and handy package. With tomato varieties including cherry, grape, and gold, as well as medley options, the grower’s organic wares add a bright pop of color to salads and other dishes, though they need not be relegated to complex concoctions. Sporting a convenient peel and reseal lid, these containers perfectly facilitate easy snacking, and with a reduced packaging weight of 32 percent, retailers can stock their shelves with even more of these colorful treats.



5. Southern Specialties Southern Selects® Asparagus

When the upper crust wishes to indulge in produce, they demand the very best as they adjust their top hats and monocles. Though my perception of the wealthy may or may not derive from the Monopoly man, I assure you, my eye for high-quality veg is spot on, and Southern Specialties Selects® Asparagus are positively regal. But these beauties aren’t just for royals—all manner of consumers now get a taste of luxury. A transparent, but sturdy bag shows off the asparagus in all its glory, and the soothing, yet muted colors and labeling give the package a premium style and feel. When a shopper picks up a bag, there’s no denying that they’re holding something special, and a clear view gives an up-close look at every inch of the glorious green stalks.