A Closer Look at Crescent Fruit and Vegetable Golden Crush® Melons

When it comes to making a daring statement in the produce industry, we at The Snack Magazine know it takes a lot of work and even more trial and error. Sometimes, though, when conditions are just right, a product is born that represents a bold difference in answering demands made by both consumers and retailers alike. Enter the latest new cantaloupe variety from Frontera Produce’s sister company—Crescent Fruit and Vegetable—Golden Crush®.

Though a traditional cantaloupe is straw-colored on the outside, Golden Crush is unique. As the melon matures, its exterior transforms into a deep gold, telling harvesters when it is ripe for the picking. Having an easy harvest indicator not only helps optimize time and labor for the grower, but consumers will know just by looking if their melon is sweet and ready to eat. Golden Crush also boasts higher-than-average sugar content for consumers looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, consistently topping a count of 15 brix.

Though this is the first season Crescent Fruit and Vegetable will be offering the Golden Crush melon, the company is already touting it as a foolproof option among cantaloupes. Golden Crush is disease-resistant while being non-GMO and a non-ethylene producer, which means it stops ripening further after harvest. Those attributes, plus Golden Crush’s firmer-than-traditional flesh, allow for packing and harvesting in bins and a less stringent cold chain and refrigeration process. Goodbye, shrink!

Domestically grown Golden Crush melons will be available from Crescent Fruit and Vegetable from the end of April until December 1st, offering an extended timeframe for cantaloupes grown strictly on U.S. soil. This means more time for consumers to share their newfound crush and more opportunities for retailers to cash in on what’s sure to be the next big craze in melons.