High Flavor, Organic, and Conventional

Up Close with Bako Sweet’s Sweet potatoes


hings are getting steamy this year, with a hot new addition from Bako Sweet. Showcasing both a convenient and nutrient-packed produce innovation, Bako Sweet is delivering a heart-healthy and vitamin enriched ready-to-eat item with the newly designed Microwaveable Steam Bag. Grown in the “sweet spot” of California, each 24 oz steam bag is packed with four deliciously hand-selected Petite sweet potatoes ready to enjoy in just 10 minutes. The precision ventilation allows each potato to cook thoroughly while preserving the great taste and texture these Petite sweet potatoes are known for.

These specialty items are available year-round thanks to the newly-renovated Bako Sweet facility in Arvin, California. Bako Sweet welcomes this expansion with sights set on supplying high-quality, flavorful product to retailers across the country.