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Up Close with Sunfed's Almost Famous Line

Veggies with character—if you can attribute anything to the forward-thinking group at SunFed®, it’s their ability to bring fresh produce to life. As consumers’ buying behaviors evolve, and they look to more sustainable food options and goals, SunFed® is addressing the changing marketplace with its new Almost Famous imperfect produce brand.

Currently shipping nationwide, Rio Rico, Arizona-based SunFed® offers items ranging from eggplant, green bell peppers, colored bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, and yellow squash, dependent on time of year and product availability.

The SunFed® Almost Famous Program brings cosmetically imperfect produce items to consumers, that are just as fresh as the company’s premium brands, with the same high-flavor profiles and consistency that the company’s retail and foodservice partners have come to know. When it comes to presentation, SunFed® has always been on point; bringing differentiation to the retailer and brand recognition to its given categories. Almost Famous was designed in that same vein, bringing a unique product to market with artwork that enhances but does not disguise its produce program. Borrowing creative inspiration from the renaissance art space and eclectic style of pop art design, SunFed® has created an upscale presentation for nature’s own artwork–fruits and vegetables.

The Almost Famous program offers a turnkey solution for the retail customer that is uniquely beautiful, offers great packaging, addresses different economic groups, and does not cannibalize retail bulk sales. 

Merchandise Almost Famous as a destination of its own, separate from its typical geography and, the company assures, the foot traffic will flow.