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California Avocado Snackchat

Is it even possible to enjoy something so delicious yet nutritious? The answer is AVO-ious! Avocados have seen a massive increase in consumption over the last few years, and California has plenty to go around! We asked some of California’s avocado experts to reflect on how the fruit has bloomed in popularity and profit in recent years with the industry…



Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission

“New research shows that when restaurant patrons in the U.S. see ‘California’ in the name or description of a dish, 70 percent of them think the dish will include avocado—it’s almost eight out of ten patrons in the West! This confirms the very strong association between California and avocados. Other top associations with California include fresh, healthy, and premium quality. So, since California avocado season is spring through summer, now is a great time for consumers to enjoy those California burgers, California omelets, California Caesar salads, and more, whether dining out or at home.” 



Managing Principal, Freska Produce International

“My memories of avocados go back to when I used to work in a packing shed in El Rio, California, as a high school student. My job was forming boxes and moving bins around for the packers, as well as learning to drive forklifts. I was amazed at the number of bins we ran daily, and that’s when I had my first avocado. From that point on, I was hooked on avocados—especially California avocados. Seeing the growth of the world’s supply of avocados is just amazing to me, and I feel grateful I made them part of my life.”



Regional Business Development Director, Giumarra Companies

“Consumer avocado demand continues to increase as a result of the fruit’s versatility, nutritional benefits, and year-round availability. There are amazing opportunities for more sales and profit in the avocado category. Retailers will realize increased sales and profit by offering more avocado choices to the consumer, both in-store and online. These include bagged and bulk, conventional and organic, and ripe and green/hard. Along with various sizing options and in-store guacamole, retailers will see better results from a comprehensive avocado program. On the foodservice side, there are new and exciting menu ideas that chains can take advantage of with their customers. Mexican handhelds, such as burritos and tacos, are some of the many major opportunities for retailers and restaurants that sell avocados.”



Director of Marketing, Mission Produce Inc.

“I am a sucker for eggs benedict. It is one of my all-time favorite breakfast go-tos. Nothing can top an eggs bennie with avocado—it makes it out of this world. I just can’t resist. Avocados are an evolving category that is at the top of the charts. To get the most out of the category, we have evolved with it. Consumers want more from their avocado display. They don’t want to search for that perfect size, pack, or ripeness; they want it right there in front of them. To do that, we have to change the way we think about merchandising and managing avocados in-store. There is still so much opportunity.”



Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, West Pak Avocado

“I must admit, I am caught up in the avocado craze, too, and I LOVE AVOCADOS! I never imagined I would enjoy them so much, but over the years, my consumption of avocados has increased to the point where I am now at ‘Super User’ status. My favorite way to enjoy them is plain…it sounds so boring, but I think they taste really great simply eating them sliced on sandwiches and burgers, diced on salads or in soups, or spread on toast. I am a bit of a guac fan, too, and the spicier the recipe, the better for me! One thing is for sure—I am so proud to be a part of the avocado industry and marketing a food item that people are crazy about, myself included.”



President and CEO, Index Fresh

“Growing up in Southern California, I spent my childhood climbing stately old avocado trees and enjoying their cool shade on hot summer days. Avocados have always been part of my life, so it has been a pleasure to spend the last 40 years intimately involved in growing, packing, and marketing this wonderful fruit. Over that time, the acceptance of avocados has grown in the United States and around the world. We have transitioned from guacamole to avocados eaten in an infinite number of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am extremely excited about the future of avocados and confident that consumers will continue to embrace their extraordinary flavor and nutritional benefits.”