Sweeten your everyday!

Retail Runway: May 2018

Introducing a newly-designed line of Dandy® Super Sweet Corn, Duda is bringing some extra sunshine to retail year-round with its new value-added offering. With 100 percent recyclable fiberboard packaging, the line features tray-packed and ready-to-eat sweet corn. Going the extra mile for at-home chefs, the tray even features recipes on the bottom to reel in shoppers and encourage more to have fresh corn all the time. And, aw shucks, the Super Sweet Corn is pre-shucked to minimize prep time and help consumers get straight to eating.


Naturipe® is kicking healthy snacking into high gear with its latest Fresh Fruit Cups. Available in 5 oz compact and portable packaging, perfect for lunch box meet-ups or on-the-go power munches, Naturipe Fresh Fruit Cups are what value-added-seeking consumers are looking for in the grocery aisle. With five different prewashed fruit profiles, including strawberries; strawberries and blueberries; apples and blueberries; grapes and blueberries; and apples, grapes, and blueberries, the cups even have a peel-back seal and a spork—and who doesn’t love a good spork?


Standing aglow in refrigerator light at 1 o’clock in the morning, snacking on whatever I can get my hands on, is my typical Wednesday night. And now, with Love Beets™ redesigned packaging for its marinated, shredded, and diced beets, I’m positively dancing my way to the kitchen for a healthy and delicious midnight snack I can keep returning to night after night (or really any time of day) thanks to its new peel and reseal technology. Not to mention, Love Beets has doubled its shelf-life, extending the fresh for up to 36 days, giving retailers and consumers another reason to “Love Beet” it up in the grocery aisle.


The days of red-stained fingers, a sweat-soaked brow, and a sticky kitchen-mess disaster are long gone thanks to Dave’s Specialty Imports’ new Rosy Red Pomegranate Arils. Available now pre-seeded and in clear cups that show off the fruit, Dave’s Specialty is helping consumers by taking all the hard work out of enjoying pomegranates. With this convenient grab-and-go snack pack, Dave’s is appealing to the latest consumer shopping habits and demand for convenience.


Tapping into island life with a bold look to match, SUNSET’s Aloha™ peppers are making a splash in produce aisles. As colorful as they are flavorful, SUNSET’s latest innovation is sure to take consumers’ senses on a journey to paradise with its unique yellow and red striping and bright orange hues straight from a tropical sunset. Its sweet flavor is perfect for the upcoming summer grilling season and has already won the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute. A produce stand-out and a flavor knock-out, SUNSET’s Aloha peppers will definitely please chefs and foodies looking to amp up their culinary dishes!