No ordinary apple.
Flavor Trend

There’s a new specialty item inching its way into consumer hearts, and it’s being hailed as the caviar of the orchard. Originating from Australian soil, finger limes are transcending standard food categories and applications to liven up a diverse range of dishes and palates with a vibrant pop of color and tangy taste.

So, what exactly is a finger lime? This particular produce item consists of a slender pod, most commonly seen as green or red, that opens to reveal a swarm of vividly colored baubles. Each orb-like juice vesicle pops to release its own small explosion of lime with a tangy kick sure to leave an aftershock of flavor.

Also referred to as pulp, the juicy insides of finger limes truly resemble the aesthetics of caviar or roe, but are sure to woo even those hesitant of fish.

Estimated to be around 18 million years old, the small pods have traveled a long way from their native Queensland soil and now traverse an array of plates in the Northern Hemisphere as well.

These tiny citrus friends stay true to their name in application, as they can complement nearly any dish you can wrap your fingers around. The digit-like pods release an explosion of flavor in any instance where you would want a lime; from conventional applications, like pairing a thread of citrus with oysters, to the convivial possibilities of a finger lime margarita.

Cheesecakes, crab cakes, ice cream, oysters, fruit compotes, yogurts, and sushi—finger limes can conquer them all, elevating both eye and mouth with their inherently unique nature.

Is this produce delicacy the next at-home or foodservice heavy-hitter for the perfect plate? All limes point to yes.