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My Favorite Things

Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing, Mucci Farms

You may know this marketing superstar from her role promoting greenhouse-grown veggies, but did you know she used to own her own custom stationary and personalized gift store? That she’s unabashedly chips-over-chocolate? These are just a few of the interesting things we learned when we asked Emily to tell us about some of her favorite things…

  • My Family
  • Tea Time
  • Gift Giving
  • Fresh-Cut Flowers
  • Roxy
  • Playing Volleyball
  • Charcuterie
  • Dessert
  • Special Event & Party Planning

"My husband of 23 years, John, and daughters, Kiera and Kylie."
"…at my favorite tea shop: Teacups & Crowns."
"I am all about the personalization and presentation."
"Favorite flower—Ranunculus for its simple beauty."
"Our Bichon-Yorkie."
"I still try and keep it up with summer and indoor leagues."
"Love a great conversation over a tapas-style dinner."
"All things apple—apple pie, strudel, crumble."
"I always seem to turn every project into an event."