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My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things: Leighanne Thomsen, Brand Marketing Manager, Mission Produce Inc.

  • 1Fashion Week
  • 4Central Coast Wine Country, California
  • 7Plants
  • 2Boston, MA
  • 5Avocados
  • 8Yoga
  • 3John Mayer
  • 6Fish Tacos
  • 9Podcasts

"I draw a lot of inspiration from the fashion industry and its ability to evolve rapidly."1
"The most breathtaking view is of rolling vineyards covered in sunshine."4
"Some people decorate with art; I decorate with succulents."7
"Historic, quaint, and spirited–I love this city."2
"‘Nature’s butter’ says it all."5
"Calming and exhilarating at the same time; nothing else like it."8
"It’s my musical comfort zone."3
"Taco Tuesday is practically a national holiday as far as I’m concerned."6
"Some of my favorites are Freakonomics, How I Built This, and RadioLab."9