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Bako Sweet’s Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Onions ?!

‐ Bako Sweet’s Sweet Potato Nachos ‐

3 medium sweet potatoes

2 tbsp coconut oil

Salt and pepper

¾ cup of shredded cheddar cheese

½ can black beans

1 tomato

1 jalapeño pepper

¼ cup cilantro

½ cup salsa


1 medium sweet onion

Greek yogurt

Sour cream


Servings: 4

Image credited to: Kim's Healthy Eats

1 Wash and slice potatoes with skins on. Melt coconut oil. Drain and rinse black beans. Dice tomatoes and jalapeños. Chop cilantro.

2Place sliced sweet potatoes in a large bowl filled with water. Soak sweet potatoes for about an hour. Remove sweet potatoes and pat dry. Place in a bowl and drizzle with coconut oil, salt, and pepper.

3Preheat oven at 400ºF.

4Place sweet potatoes on a large baking sheet in a single layer, making sure not to overcrowd the pan. You may need to use 2 baking sheets. Bake for about 15–20 minutes. Flip sweet potatoes and bake for another 10 minutes. 

5Remove from the oven and sprinkle with cheese. Place back in the oven for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

6Remove from oven and place on serving dish. Top with black beans, tomato, jalapeño pepper, cilantro, and salsa.

7Optional: Add grilled or diced sweet onions for extra flavor. Garnish with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt.

8Serve immediately.

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