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Jordan's Picks: Organic Produce Summit 2017

Between sold-out exhibitor spaces and more than 200 retailers, representing 70 different buying organizations in attendance, this year’s show hit it out of the park. So, what are some of the exciting products that caught my eye on the show floor? Find out here.


 SUNSET® Organic Campari Tomatoes

Vibrant red, certified organic, and a blast of flavor with every bite—the Campari, dubbed The Tomato Lover’s Tomato®, offers an ideal balance of sweetness and acidity—just the way I like it. And with a tomato this good, SUNSET® has the packaging to match. This presentation utilizes Top Seal technology, which has become the industry standard with pioneering efforts from companies like SUNSET®, and is completely recyclable and made from recycled materials. In addition, the company has added the voice of SUNSET® Culinary Director, Chef Roger Mooking, to the design, as he offers a recipe fit for the tomato, and the consumer palate.


4Earth Farms Organic Green Beans

This is one produce item that is truly versatile, creating tasty components for appetizers and sides, as well as warm or cold entrees. As the demand for organics continues its upward trajectory, 4Earth Farms is responding to the call for clean and cut organic green beans to suit both foodservice and retail buyers' needs. The packaging only elevates the item by letting the fresh produce speak for itself with a unique poly film laminate and eye-catching graphics, that extends shelf-life and freshness as well.


Ippolito New Queen Victoria Brand Organic Line

Green is easily my favorite color, and these six on-trend organic products reinvigorate my love for the soft but energetic shade. From Baby Kale and Arugula, to a 50/50 blend of Organic Spinach, Baby Lettuces, Greens, and Chicories, this new line is built to expand with plans for additional packs, varieties, and blends as demand dictates. Branded under Queen Victoria, this line features retail offerings in three different sizes—5 oz, 11 oz, and 16 oz—as well as providing foodservice options that are currently in the works. The possibilities are endless for this line, and I am ready to test that theory.

Bako Sweet Organic Single Sweets

Now, this item is a “sweet” deal. Sometimes I’m cooking for a party, sometimes I am simply prepping for myself—and therein lies the rub. In a world where you can buy everything in bulk, sometimes you just simply want a single-serving of something healthy and tasty. Enter Bako Sweet with the company’s new organic Single Sweets line. Designed to accommodate the individual on the go, Bako Sweet launched the Newly Single microwaveable sweet potato this year. Nutritious, earthy, and delicious, these singles can complement any dish throughout the day or offer a snack in itself.


Mann Packing Organic Super Blend

When I walk into the produce department I can’t help but immediately shop with my eyes first. I truly believe color, quality, and presentation affect the way that we perceive flavor and satisfaction. Walking the floor at OPS, what do I spy, but Mann Packing’s Organic Super Blend. This new creation is packed with crunchy veggies including kale, colored carrots, green cabbage, and broccoli, and offers a unique combo of flavors and textures. Organic and delicious?  I’m in.