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Melissa's Picks: PMA Foodservice 2017

PMA Foodservice was a whirlwind of cyclists, get-togethers, dinners, and reunions as the foodservice providers and buyers descended on Monterey, California. As my senses were delighted with savory, sweet, and everything between, here are some of the products that shine in my memory from the dynamic split floor.

Church Brothers Farms Chef-Ready Bell Peppers

Anyone who loves to dine out will tell you that the time it takes to get your plate is a make or break factor in the experience. Chefs and restaurateurs are operating on the fly, with every second saved making for a quicker turnover. These pre-pitted bells are a brilliant way to help our leaders in the kitchen stuff, dice, or slice in moments rather than minutes.

Monterey Mushrooms Finely Diced Mushrooms

Convenience is much more than a consumer trend, and I can say from firsthand experience that dicing an already cut mushroom is one of my more dangerous kitchen undertakings. All I can say is: Thank you, Monterey Mushrooms, on behalf of fingers everywhere!

Good Foods Guacamole Dip & HPP Juices

Admittedly, I am a sucker for guacamole, which the company offers in multiple sizes for foodservice needs. But while I came for the dip, I stayed for the juice—though it was also a tad necessary once I felt that spicy kick hit my tonsils. All produced with high pressure processing (HPP) for food safety and to boost shelf-life, this was a stop I was very happy I made.


Zespri® SunGold Kiwifruit

I thought I loved kiwifruit before, but as anyone who attended the Chef Talks: A Strolling Lunch can attest, there is much more you can do with them than stick them with a spoon, or even bite into the skin. The team used a pulled pork recipe and pickled SunGold kiwifruit (yes, pickled) to prove that we are still discovering new frontiers of this fruit. Innovative, to say the least.

Gold Coast Veggie Hash

I’m a lover of traditional potato hash, but I’ll admit I’m now willing to swap in my love of starch for this cubed blend of gold beets, kohlrabi, and fennel every once in awhile. The slight kick was reminiscent of kimchi and, unless the team forgot to tell me something, needed no added flavor to make this a tasty dish!