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My Favorite Things

Monina Knox, Organic Wet/Dry Veg Produce Sourcing Specialist, Sobeys

This fresh produce expert finds a joyful approach to both work and life. From the day-to-day operations in produce, to loved ones, RVs, and dancing, here are a few of Monina’s favorite things.

  • Family
  • Coaching Basketball
  • Dancing
  • My Job
  • RV Camping
  • French Fries
  • Interacting with Others
  • Football
  • Chocolate

"My husband and children (ages 16 to 20) are my everything. My life is centered while experiencing all I can with them."
"Teaching young girls the fundamentals of basketball has been rewarding, especially since I am involved directly in developing my own daughter’s skillset."
"Life isn’t living if you’re not dancing. It’s not uncommon at family functions for everyone to just stop what they’re doing and start a dance-off."
"Expanding the organic produce program is a challenge I enjoy. It gives me the opportunity to source the freshest possible produce from all over the world!"
"It’s a great vacation and has been an enjoyable way for us to bond, play, and build memories that will last a lifetime."
"Extra crispy with ketchup please, ha! If my meal comes with French fries, the fries always get eaten first."
"It has helped me to establish a solid network of contacts, and I just love to have fun making people laugh."
"Go Colts! The highlight of my fall season is to wake up every Sunday and watch football with my husband until the sun goes down."
"The best way to express my love for chocolate is with a quote: ‘Chocolate is not an addiction, it’s simply a REAL necessity.’"