Sweeten your everyday!

The news on the street is that these berries are gaining traction, but don’t take our word for it. We dove in with the experts to hear about blueberries’ rising popularity and how sellers can use it to their advantage…



Vice President of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

"Blueberry consumption increases every year as they grow in popularity with all ages, translating into year-round promotional opportunities and add-on sales. This is the time berries should be prominent in the produce department, with blueberries helping to create color breaks in the display space. Offering a choice in berry type and in package size will help capture impulse sales as they appeal to individual shoppers and those shopping for a family. We offer multiple pack sizes on a year-round basis and are excited about the growth of this berry type."


Director of Marketing and Global Brand Lead, Driscoll’s

"Consumption rates of blueberries have increased significantly over the last five years—not only in the U.S., but globally. The opportunity for the produce industry is to focus on great taste and ensure consumers have an optimal eating experience every time they purchase any berry. At Driscoll’s, we continue to expand our proprietary varieties and select new growing regions that deliver on a year-round supply curve. We strive to keep our brand promise of Only the Finest Berries™ across the world. We’ve recently introduced new Jumbo Blueberry varieties as a limited-edition offer. In addition, as the organic berry leader, we are committed to growing this important consumer segment."


VP of Business Development, Rainier Fruit Company

"Rainier’s organic blueberry program continues to grow thanks to increased availability and varieties that provide a great eating experience. Emphasizing organic blueberries with special signage can be a big factor in successful blueberry merchandising.
Blueberries are a popular smoothie staple for both their flavor and color, and they also pack an antioxidant punch. Cross-merchandising with other smoothie favorites like yogurt, bananas, greens, and protein powders gives shoppers a one-stop smoothie shop and appeals to a health-conscious, on-the-go demographic."


Marketing Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms

"The Homegrown organic blueberries that consumers have come to know and love have been most successful when retailers tell the story behind them, along with a fresh take on cross-merchandising. Homegrown seeks to make our growers the rockstars of the produce department. We love to feature them in-store and/or across digital media platforms, telling their stories and bridging the gap between consumers and farmers. Similarly, cross-merchandising with other healthy, on-the-go items helps consumers to think outside the box on ways blueberries can add value to breakfast, lunch, and dinner."


Marketing,                                Veg-Fresh Farms

"Blueberries are the ultimate snacking item! You just can’t help but pop them in your mouth. We know consumers feel the same way. For that reason, we created Handy Candy Blueberries, which are now triple-washed and ready to go, so consumers can just grab a container and eat them wherever you go—no additional washing required. We recommend merchandising these little 4 oz guys in a grab-and-go section, not competing with your regular blueberry and strawberry displays in the produce section. They are a fun, healthy, and convenient produce option to add to your grab-and-go mix!"


West Coast Sales Manager, Berry Division, Giumarra Companies

"I like to eat fresh blueberries straight-up by the handful and experience the full flavor profile: sweet, tangy, crisp, and juicy. I have been known to eat a full clamshell in one sitting. They are a great pre-workout snack due to their naturally low-sugar content and vitamin and antioxidant boost. Among all the fruits and vegetables out there, blueberries are one of the highest in antioxidant content. My sons, ages four and five, love to snack on them as well. We eat them all year long, at any time of the day."


Vice President of Value-Added Fresh, Naturipe Farms 

"With more consumers looking for healthy snacks, spring and summer bring great opportunities to merchandise and promote blueberries. Naturipe Snacks™ offer several blueberry products that are portable and convenient. Our eye-catching snack products are great to place in grab-and-go store sections for consumers who are looking for a quick, healthy, refreshing snack."



Director of Marketing,                       Wish Farms

"When it comes to blueberries, there’s nothing “blue” about them! Whether I am adding them to pancakes on a Sunday morning, mixing them up in a green power smoothie, or eating them by the handful, I always have a smile on my face knowing I am fueling my body with the nutrients it needs to power through the day. As a working mom of two under two, days can be hectic. Finding food options that provide countless health benefits AND taste delicious is always a plus. This little superfood is so versatile. Blueberries are a natural sweet treat that add a “pop” to any meal."