Sweeten your everyday!

There’s no forgetting the vibrant red hues of this distinguished berry. Crossing nearly every boundary, the fruit is grown on shores far from its native France to now entrance palates across the globe. Though cultivars may vary in size, shape, and blush, the sentiment remains the same; its sweet taste and unmistakable appeal make for an experience that has been heralded across the ages, with many more to come...

Director of Marketing, Naturipe Farms LLC   

“I love strawberries, always have! The smell, the color (red is my favorite), and the sweet flavor that makes you smile because it tastes so good. My daughter has strawberries just about every day in her oatmeal, yogurt, quinoa, or with edamame. My go-to appetizer that is a proven crowd pleaser is water crackers topped with honeycomb, blue cheese, and fresh sliced strawberries. And a new favorite entrée includes zucchini noodles, shrimp, spinach, and fresh strawberries in a sesame dressing—yum!”


CEO, Sunripe Certified Brands

“Strawberries are probably my favorite fruit. They speak for themselves. There isn’t anything I’ve ever eaten that wasn’t made better by adding strawberries. Want our go-to strawberry recipe? Sure…whatever you’re cooking—add strawberries!”


VP of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“Asking a strawberry person how they like to eat strawberries is a tough one. First and foremost, straight off the plant! However, since I take them with me to parties and events, my go-to recipes are fresh jalapeño strawberry salsa, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. When serving them at home for family and guests, I always lean toward the ‘build your own shortcake bar’ complete with fresh cream, brownies, biscuits, and any other berry types I might have in the fridge.”


Marketing Communications Manager, Oppy

“My parents are from Holland, and when I was growing up my mom would make fluffy Dutch pancakes for us on Sunday mornings. In the summer, she’d slice a huge pile of fresh strawberries over the pancakes as an extra special treat. Now that strawberries are always available, we can enjoy this breakfast at our house year-round. It’s my go-to after long early morning bike rides—thinking of those cool, sweet berries often gets me through the last hard miles!”


Marketing Manager, Veg-Fresh Farms

“When it comes to enjoying strawberries, my favorite way is as dessert! I love to cut them up and toss them alongside fresh blueberries and blackberries, and pair them with an angel food cake (easy to pick up at the store) and homemade whipped cream. My mom always made this treat growing up, and now I like to make it for my family. It’s a really simple and totally satisfying dessert that is perfect for family barbecues in the summer. And it looks really pretty too!”


Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Well•Pict

“My first memories of strawberries will always be tied to my dad bringing them home from his job. For me, strawberries are all about the flavor. I always bring them with me to a social event, and you’d think I’d brought a pot of gold with the way they light up a room. A strawberry rolled in sour cream and brown sugar is my favorite fun treat.”


Food Writer

“The first strawberries of the season are something of a British tradition. Think of Wimbledon, where plump strawberries served with clotted cream and a glass of chilled champagne are the perfect accompaniment to the sound of the cheering crowds, as tennis balls are smashed around the grass courts. My own favorite way of serving strawberries, however, is to warm them through gently with a little sugar and aged balsamic vinegar and serve them over simple vanilla ice cream with a crack of black pepper on top. An odd but winning combination.”


Director, Marketing, Driscoll’s

“For me, nothing says summer sweetness like an incredible bite of strawberry shortcake. Driscoll’s has created a great range of recipes available on our website that put a twist on the classic recipe. Because fresh strawberries taste so great, you can keep the combinations simple and easy using store bought pound cake and a dollop of whipped cream. If you have more time, it’s great to experiment with orange-flavored whipped cream or a chocolate salted caramel cake base. We have a popular Double Strawberry and Rose Mini-Shortcake recipe that was specially created for Driscoll’s by award-winning author Dorie Greenspan. That is a WOW—in flavor and presentation—when you have company.”