Peruvian Onions


Going the extra mile to ensure your packaging is sustainable can be costly—but worthwhile. It turns out, however, that the label you put on the beautifully-recyclable plastic package could render it all for naught. Sambrailo’s ReadyCycle™ is not only recyclable, but printable on all sides. Not to mention, the back-to-the-roots look of this clamshell alternative is both earthy and appealing. 

When it comes to snagging attention in the store, convenience ranks high. This bag not only answers that call, but touts the ability to help reduce shrink while being 100 percent recyclable. Sustainable? Check. Cost-saving? Check. With a sales lift of up to 35 percent to boot, the question here seems to be: why wouldn’t you want one?


It’s a bag IN a bag. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, convenience is a theme that is all the rage. This particular packaging takes the trend to its fullest extent. The first bag provides a prime vehicle for snacking, while the second ensures that retailers are able to maintain tonnage while delivering manageable amounts to consumers.


 For those of you that picked up your May edition of The Snack and stopped to see brightly-colored noodles sprawled across the pages, you might be aware that veggie noodles are in. Southern Valley’s approach is less spiralized, however, showcasing crisp-looking, french fry-like zucchinis with a window to show shoppers the freshness inside.


Smoothies are a key way to convince consumers that their produce is dessert, and Del Monte Fresh has taken the push a step further. The company is providing shoppers with all the makings of a fresh smoothie, cup and all. It even lets the beauty of the fruit sell itself in the clear to-go container.